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Too Much Trust in God

For weeks, the rebels and the Syrian army have been fighting for control of Aleppo, the strategically important trade capital in the north of Syria. Suffering most under the violence in the embattled city is the civilian population. Peter Steinbach reports from Aleppo. Quiet reigns in the Salaheddine quarter, if only for a few hours. Here and there, sporadic shots can be heard. Some of the residents use the opportunity to search for belongings in the rubble of their destroyed homes. Drones and combat aircraft circle overhead, but for once do not launch an attack.
The silence lying over the city of Aleppo, the focus of heated battles for the last three weeks, is unusual. The rebels use the breather to bring new fighters into position and to replenish their dwindling stores of ammunition.
The goal of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) is to win back lost territory. The regime troops of President Bashar Assad have pushed the rebels to the outskirts of Salaheddine. "Strangel…